Darche Freres Violin

SKU:  ae00-1128
Manufacturer Part #:  44DARCHEFVLN

The Darche Freres violin is a highly flamed violin with a lovely deep red-brown antiqued varnish.  It is hand crafted in Beijing and fine tuned and finished in the United States. It produces a beautiful sound; much more complex and much warmer than other instruments in this class.


  • Finely crafted
  • Ebony fittings
  • Highly flamed select maple back and sides
  • Professionally set-up
  • Thomastik Dominant, Evah Pirazzi,  or equivalent strings

Available sizes:

  • 4/4

Manufacturer:Violin House of Weaver

4/4 Violin

SKU:  ae00-1128^44DARCHEFVLN
Manufacturer Part #:  44DARCHEFVLN44DARCHEFVLN
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