Electric Basses


Electric upright basses are becoming more and more popular. Typically they are used for performers of jazz, pop, country, new age, etc. An acoustic bass can be made into an electric bass by adding a pick-up that runs to an amp. Fully electric upright basses can be made from a variety of materials and include the pick-up built into the instrument. Much like an electric bass guitar, they can also have a variety of effects such as reverb, delay, or distortion.

Finding the right electric bass to suit your needs can be a challenge. Violin Outlet carries pick-ups from Fishman, Realist, and LR Baggs. Our electric basses come from suppliers such as Yamaha, Bridge, Mark Wood, and NS Designs.

Below is an example of an electric bass we carry. Please contact us for current pricing and availability.


Yamaha SVB100 Silent Bass

Yamaha SVB100 Silent Bass

The SVB-100 includes dual piezzo pickups and offers an outstanding tone suitable for a wide range of musical styles, and bassists will appreciate its silent characteristics which allow silent practice while the player enjoys a full-bodied tone through a pair or headphones. The SV-100 features a detachable frame that provides excellent support and comfort when playing but are easily removed for transport. The SVB-100 is designed to break down and fit into a compact case which can be carried comfortably using a shoulder strap. The Silent Bass's Volume & Tone controls provide straightforward control over the instrument's tone while its active electronics offer plug-and-play operation without the need for external pre-amplification. The SVB-100 also includes an auxiliary volume control for the Aux-In jack.