woodbows At Violin Outlet we understand that every player has different needs and tastes.  As a player becomes more proficient he/she will develop a personal preference for a specific type of bow.  We carry a vast selection of quality bows made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, brazilwood, ipe, and pernambuco. They are available in a variety of different weights and flexibility that meet the demands of players of all levels. 

carbon bowsSome of our bows include Mouton, Knoll, Dorfler, Coda, Arcus, Cadenza, Cirilo, Schuster, Arcos Brasil, and Bottoni.

Please contact us for current availability of specific bows and/or for help selecting the bow that is right for your budget, level, and taste. 

We are now proud to offer Coda bows and Jon Paul bows for online purchase. Click on the pages below to see our bows that are available for online purchase.

Please call or stop by Violin Outlet to purchase any bows that are not available for online sales.